Prolia Charm Medical ID Alert Dangle for Bracelet or Necklace

$ 24.99

Taking Prolia.

If you can’t find what you need, look under our Catalog Heading CUSTOM ENGRAVING. We will make any ailment or allergy for you. All the fonts are stamped with a hammer one letter at a time which gives it character. It is a time consuming process which takes skill and patience. All fonts are hand stamped by us.

This charm can be added to your favorite bracelet or necklace. Comes complete as shown.

The dangle caduceus is the same on the front side as the back side.

The charm is aluminum. Maintenance free. Very nice. Resembles sterling silver. 1 Inch diameter. An advantage of aluminum is - anti tarnish and lightweight.

If you need to open the jump ring on the charm, we suggest using 2 flat nose pliers which makes it very easy to open.  Put the pliers on each side of the ring, in the MIDDLE of the jump ring. Then just twist to open and twist again to close. NEVER pull the ring open or it will not shut properly. Simple as that. 

You will notice on the other photos I show how the charm will look on a necklace or bracelet. These can be purchased separately. 



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