Heart Love Italian Charm Starter Bracelet

$ 10.99

This bracelet will stretch over your wrist and is especially nice for a surprise gift since you do not need to know their exact wrist measurement since I will be sending 3 extra links. The links can be taken out or added as needed. We do sell an Italian Charm Tool which makes it easier to add or take out the links instead of using a flat nose screwdriver or your fingers.

Let me know the size you need. If you do not let me know what size you need I will send a standard 7 inch bracelet.

If you would like to purchase any Italian charms from me, I will put them in this bracelet for you and at no extra cost.

You will receive instructions on how to add and take out the charms and links.

The Italian charm links are 9mm (3/8 inch long). Stainless Steel

Even nice without charms added.

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