Epilepsy Charm Bracelet Expandable Adjustable Bangle Medical ID Purple Ribbon Epileptic

$ 39.99

Comes complete as shown. The bracelet looks very nice as a stand-alone style or layered with other bangles. The layered look with this type of bracelet is very popular now.

Beautiful. Excellent quality.

Fits a standard wrist size. If your wrist measures 6 inches to 8 inches this should fit comfortably.

This bracelet is silver plated.

This bangle bracelet will stretch over your hand and spring back once on your wrist.

The medical ailment charm is silver plated. 7/8 Inch diameter.

The red medical star of life charm is the same on the front side and the same on the back side.

If there is another ailment or an allergy you would like on the charm, just contact us. If it will fit on this charm we will make a listing. You can see how it looks before you decide to purchase it. The bracelet or charm may not look like the one shown.

If you need to open the jump ring on the charm, we suggest using 2 flat nose pliers which makes it very easy to open.  Put the pliers on each side of the ring, in the MIDDLE of the jump ring. Then just twist to open and twist again to close. NEVER pull the ring open or it will not shut properly. Simple as that. 

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