Custom Personalized Medical ID Dangle Charm for Necklace or Bracelet

$ 25.99

Hand stamped. 

We can stamp any ailment, allergy, ICE phone number etc. 

All the fonts are stamped with a hammer one letter at a time. We stamp the fonts deep. They will not wear down. We can stamp up to 16 characters.

The medical charm is alloy, alkeme or aluminum. 1-inch diameter and the medical star is included but not attached since most people open it up in order to attach to their own bracelet or necklace. The jump ring is included.

If you need to open the jump ring (O ring) on the charm, we suggest using 2 flat nose pliers which makes it very easy to open. Put the pliers on each side of the ring, in the MIDDLE of the jump ring. Then just twist to open and twist again to close. NEVER pull the ring open or it will not shut properly. Simple as that. 

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